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Don’t miss Southwark Council’s consultation about the next Burgess Park 2015 developments:

Southwark have published the updated masterplan 

Open for consultation to 13 March – It shows details for play, sport, cycling, heritage, buildings etc. Exhibitions being held at Burgess Park Community Sports Centre and Chumleigh Gardens at weekends between 11am and 3pm from 14 February. There is also an exhibition at Peckham Library from 3 to 8 March, open between 11am and 3pm. The consultation will close on 13 March

FOBP will be discussing the masterplan at our next meeting Tuesday 3 March, 7pm Community Sports Centre. All welcome.

Plans for Southern entrance (Camberwell) and toilets  which will be the first new projects

Cycling routes through Burgess  Park

Cycling in Burgess Park Southwark Council wants to increase and support cycling. The big idea is a cycle route down the middle of the borough which needs to cross Burgess Park. FOBP is opposed to the route crossing the main park area and want to see Wells Way improved. Cycling strategy revised response 31.01 2015

Greening Wells Way and making a quality cycling route - WELLS WAY discussion document.

Summary of the FOBP cycling response 

1. FOBP do not support the proposed Southwark Council spine route cutting directly across Burgess Park. The preferred alternative is to direct cyclists through Wells Way – which FOBP propose as a greenway.

2. Commuter cyclists should be encouraged to use non-park routes, and these routes should be improved.

3. Greater numbers of cycling journeys are part of Southwark Council and Mayor of London’s strategy. However, the solution cannot be that Burgess Park is carved up into cycling routes to suit all cyclists’ needs or alternatively cycling and non-cycling paths to the detriment of other park users and the park environment itself.

4. The Surrey Canal Walk has become a no-go area for pedestrians including school children at rush hours as numbers of commuting cyclists have increased. The new quiet cycling route using Sumner Road needs developing and commuter cyclists should be discouraged from using the Surrey Canal Walk route by de-designating it as a cycle route.

5. The FOBP is opposed to the proposed closure of the underpass. The underpass has a place as a remnant of the canal system and provides a safe crossing point for all. FOBP also oppose the use of the underpass for cycling only. Features should be introduced at the underpass to improve shared path safety. FOBP do support improved ground-level crossings.

6. Regarding changes to the West End of the park, there should not be an increase in pathways which cut up the park nor segregation of cycles and pedestrians. New Church Road provides a useful, wide cycling route and has historical features as the approach to St George’s.

7. Additional cycle parking is needed in the park at all facilities especially at Edward Passmore (Bathhouse/Old Library) and Glengall Wharf Garden.

8. Immediate steps should be taken to establish the correct code of conduct for cyclists – improving no-cycle signage at the bridge across the lake, introducing measures to slow cyclists at entrances, and introducing signage which stresses that pedestrians have right of way and that cyclists should reduce speed.

9. A pro-active approach to responsible cycling behaviour is needed which recognises that the park provides freedom of movement away from roads – an aspect which is essential to all park users.

Jowett Street park

New planting and seating will soon be going into Jowett Street park, Surrey Canal Walk following consultation in the autum. A number of events will take including bulb adnd tree planting, find out more about the Friends’ Jowett Street park project.

Bridge to Nowhere history project

The Bridge to Nowhere heritage project involved loads of people to learn more about the history and heritage of Burgess Park. We have inaugurated the new Wells Way underpass artwork – a reminder of the main feature of the area which lead to the creation of the park – the Grand Surrey Canal. And we have launched the new Burgess Park Heritage Trail. Look out for the blue plaques around the park, use your smart phone either, so you can see how we’ve blended the old and the new to help you find out more about your local area.

Find out more about the history of the park and download you own map 

Bridge to Nowhere - long logo

Passmore Edwards Library, wash & bath house

Identifying future use for the buildings to contribute to Burgess Park

Environment projects and volunteering

Monthly environmental volunteering – dig the park – find out what is happening