Burgess goes wild

Pochard swimming

Wild Burgess: Winter bird highlights on the lake

Keeping a record of the birds in the park and lake gives us an indication of the natural health of our precious green urban space and allows us to understand the changes that occur seasonally within nature. … Read more

Black Headed Gull

Wild Burgess: Gulls in winter

The abundance and species of birds change with the seasons and at Burgess Park this is as true as anywhere in the country. Take a special look at the lake during the winter where the number of gulls and cormorants increase. … Read more

photo of bird on a branch

Wild Burgess: From Africa to the Old Kent Road

10 years ago I did some bird surveying for the council at Burgess Park and last week I had a revisit. Wow I was impressed! Blown away by the positive changes that have occurred in the interim.  … Read more

Photo of striped mothWild Burgess: butterflies and moths

I suppose that most people don’t think of butterflies when they think of Burgess Park. But they should! Already this year (by late March 2019) I have seen a Small Tortoiseshell, a Small  White, a couple of Commas and a couple of Brimstones.  … Read more

Crows in trees in Burgess ParkWild Burgess in winter

Perhaps, if crows were brightly coloured, they would be loved instead of feared. Part of the Corvid family which includes magpies, ravens, jays and jackdaws  … Read more

Examining water sample with a magnifierWild Burgess at the fishing lake

Burgess Park fishing lake was redesigned in 2012/13 and opened to the public along with the rest of the park after five years.

Nature and caring people have made the lake as you see it today with reed beds.Read more

Photo of Lime blossomWild Burgess in May 2018

Any day now, the Lime trees (Common Lime or Linden, Tilia Europea) will come into bloom. They perfume the air with one of the most delightful scents of summer. Walk along the main avenue by the tennis courts … Read more

Egyptian geese by Burgess LakeBurgess goes wild about waterfowl
April 2018

Despite the terrible weather the Friends of Burgess Park were finding out how much people knew about the birds on the lake; their names; what they eat and the problems of feeding bread to the ducks. … Read more

HellesboreBurgess goes wild
March 2018

In a corner of the English Garden you’ll find Daphne odora. As the name suggests, it has a gorgeous perfume. Spot the frogs in the pond. … Read more