Image of fallen wood and spring growth.

Burgess Park has beautiful woodlands which are vital for local wildlife. They are a precious resource in the heart of inner London Southwark.  We want to protect and enhance the woodlands.

Friends of Burgess Park is working on more woodland projects in 2022 to show the value of these special places for people and wildlife.

Read the 2021 report by London Wildlife Trust about Southampton Way woodlands
 Our woodland fundraising campaign (May 2021) raised £2220. Thank you to everyone who generously supported this, helped promote it and the volunteer team who made it happen.  

The funding will enable an up-to-date independent ecology report from the London Wildlife Trust (LWT) to review the current evidence and reflect on the value of the woodlands as an important local and London habitat. Our main focus will initially be on the main mass of Southampton Way woodlands and St George’s Way woodlands. Both areas will be affected by the current planning applications for new developments next to the park. 

The report will become a key tool, both with informing planning of surrounding developments, and with helping us understand the woodlands potential and other actions we can put in place to ensure that the area/our local ecology thrives.

London Wildlife Trust have told us the Burgess Park woodlands have a special value:

  • The woodlands have ecological value to the broader parkland, reflecting the recognition of Burgess Park’s potential biodiversity value for local people.
  • The significance of the local bat population and the role the park plays in supporting that bat population foraging and the impact of building lighting.
  • The building shading on the ecological area immediately to the north of the proposed development site are not insignificant and may have considerable long-term effects on woodlands, woodland species and pollinators.
  • The cumulative effects from proposed developments along Parkhouse Street.
  • Negative long-term habitat and species impacts on protected and/or priority species.
  • Burgess Park is a Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation in Southwark, it is of authority-wide value.
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Read more about the 10 and 11 storey developments planned for Parkhouse Street which will impact the woodlands.
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