Camberwell Arts week event
Camberwell Arts week event

Zeppelin 1917 Events List

Half term events
Half term events – details in table below
Image of streets and shadow of Zeppelin
Poster for Zeppelin 1917 events 7 to 28 October

Exhibition – LAST WEEK Open each Saturday from 7th October, from 1 to 5.30pm, and Thursday 26th / Friday 27th / October. Free – no booking required. 

Put together by a platoon of volunteer researchers during August and September, this features a timeline of the raid and an archival display. Includes a model Zeppelin made by local artist Keith Roberts.

Theatre Delicatessen, the Old Library, Wells Way, SE5 0PX

people at the exhibition

Opening by Cllr Situ on Saturday 7th October.

Sculpture – installed on 19th September and available throughout the month

at Chumleigh Gardens, Burgess Park. Distant Voices by local artist Keith Roberts

Family EventsWritten word event – Saturday 28 October, 1–3pm. At Theatre Delicatessen, Old Library, Wells Way, SE5 0PX.

Bringing together 14-24-year-olds who have written their own poetry, letter or short story responding to the events of 1917 and the Zeppelin project .

Written Word 1 competition details: Be inspired by the Zeppelin 1917 exhibition. Write your poems or letters of between 50 to 200 words or short stories minimum 500 words, max 1500. Email your entries (up to two per person) to:  Remember to include your name, age and phone number. Closing date: 27 October 2017.

Fun Palaces family event Saturday 7 October 1–3pm

Flying Designing – The Fun Palace workshops with everyday materials that show some scientific principles. Three FREE drop-in family workshops take part in one or have a go at all three. Children must be accompanied by parent/carer at all times. Something for all ages. A Fun Palaces event everyone an artist everyone a scientist.

child with flying machine design
Flying machine design

Talk by Zeppelin expert – Saturday 7th October, 4pm
At Theatre Delicatessen, Old Library, Wells Way, SE5 0PX. Please book on Eventbrite

The Silent Raid – Zeppelin expert Ian Castle is a specialist on Germany’s Zeppelin raids on Britain and a published author on the subject. This talk for FOBP’s ‘Zeppelin 1917’ project will explore in detail the raid of 19th October 1917, the last great Zeppelin raid of the war, and will highlight its significance to South London where a single bomb on Camberwell had a devastating impact on the local community.

Talk by the author of Black Poppies – Saturday 14th October, 2pm
At Theatre Delicatessen, Old Library, Wells Way, SE5 0PX. Please book for this on Eventbrite.

A talk by Stephen Bourne, author of Black Poppies, on the black community and the Great War. Part of Black History Month.

A 1917 Knees Up! Saturday 14th October, at 7.30pm
At Theatre Delicatessen, Old Library, Wells Way, SE5 0PX. Please book on Eventbrite

Learn all about life in 1917 with a pub quiz from quizmaster extraordinaire Mike Raffone and a proper singalong from Mister Meredith.

Image of streets and shadow of Zeppelin
Poster for Zeppelin 1917 events 7 to 28 October

Find out more about events 7-28 October. 

Almost one hundred years ago, on October 19 1917, a Zeppelin bomb landed in Calmington Road, Southwark killing 10 people, injuring 24 and demolished a fish and chip shop, doctor’s surgery and houses. The Friends of Burgess Park project “Zeppelin 1917” will uncover the stories of local heroes and piece together the dramatic raid right over what is now Burgess Park.

Volunteering roles: Pdf  Doc




First World War Centenary Project led by the Imperial War Museum logo
 Funding raised by the National Lottery and awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Into the Night

into the night second 2 (2)

The darkness of night is essential for our wildlife and equally important for people.

Through “Into the Night” Friends of Burgess Park are exploring the night time. We are holding events about bats, talks about the stars and films about space. In London we have a lot of electric light all the time which means we never really experience real darkness. “Into the Night” will invite people to come into Burgess Park and find out more about the park at night time.



Thurs 28 September Learn more about the night sky above Burgess Park.

The evening will begin with a short talk inside Chumleigh Gardens, followed by practical observations and stargazing. This is a beginner’s guide to the night sky.

On the 28 September, with a clear night sky, we should be able to see Saturn and the Summer Triangle. Please bring binoculars if you have them. We will climb the slope in Burgess Park (behind children’s playground) for the stargazing, please wear suitable shoes.

The event is organised by FOBP and we have invited Dr Martin Heath to lead the event.

Dr Heath and his co-worker Dr Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute collaborate through the Ecospheres Project to investigate what combinations of stars and planets are most friendly for complex life.

Wall E  free open air film

Friday 8 September  

Children’s workshop 6.45pm and film 7.30pm, Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival

Wall E poster

Despite heavy rain earlier about 100 people came.

Bring your own chair or rug along with a picnic and enjoy this family film.
The film will be screened on the grass slope facing the lake in Burgess Park.

WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. But during 700 years, WALL-E has developed a personality, and he’s more than a little lonely.  94 minutes suitable for children – U rating .


Forty people came to the Bat Walk on Saturday 19 August.  Huma Pearce, Ecologist, Mostly Bats, led the bat walk giving a vivid insight into the different types of bats and helping to identify them with bat detectors. Huma also set up bat traps and we were able to see a tiny Pipistrelle. Huma is also undertaking a bat survey of Burgess Park, part of a bigger survey across London.


flower garden photo
Tuesday 4 July, 7-9 pm
Summer BBQ at Glengall Wharf Garden
SE15 6NF. Entrance off Surrey Canal Walk 

You’re invited to the FOBP summer BBQ 
Enjoy a summer’s evening at the beautiful Glengall Wharf Garden.

  • Try some tasty salad from Glengall Wharf Garden with
  • Vegetarian and non-veggie BBQ
  • Summer drinks with herbs from the garden
  • Informal conversations about local community activity

People’s Company from Scratch






Sunday, 28 May, 7-9 pm
at the Old Library, Wells Way, Burgess Park

Join People’s Company – a local Southwark-based experimental theatre group – in an improvised journey through language, words and their meanings, real or not real. Hosted by Theatre Delicatessen.

Find out more and buy tickets


Growfest 2017 for Southwark gardenersSaturday, 6 May, 11 am – 4 pm

Glengall Wharf Garden (Burgess Park Food Project)
64 Glengall Rd SE15 6NF, are holding Growfest, a celebration of growing, gardening and the green community in Southwark to bring people together to generate interest in permaculture, wildlife gardening, beekeeping, composting, food growing and more … Gardeners’ Question Time, workshops, talks, seed giveaway, raffle, fun,  food, activities for all ages.

Wild By Nature – spring events

Fox Fun Breakfast

Saturday 13 May 5.30am to 8.00am – £5 refundable.
Adults and 12+

fox face painted on plywood in Burgess Park

Early morning fox watching will take place at Glengall Wharf Garden with a talk on foxes by Sylvia Myles, London Wildlife Trust. Followed by continental breakfast.

Foxes are most active at night, by 6.30am they will be making their way back home. By mid-May the cubs will be old enough to come out and meet their parents, so with luck and patience we may see them playing together. Glengall Road entrance will be open from 5.30am. Please enter quietly. The gate will be shut at 6.10am to avoid latecomers disturbing the foxes.

Booking essential £5  refundable 

Book Fun Fox Breakfast here  £5 refundable; 90p booking fee non-refundable.

Three events for spring in Burgess Park

Previous Events 

Lake Life: discover the amazing wildlife that lives in Burgess Park Lake

Examining water sample with a magnifyer
Looking for lake life
Saturday, 8 April 2017, 11:00am – 12:30pm

drawing of a dragonfly

London Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Burgess Park drop-in family friendly event.

We found amazing creatures above and below the water in Burgess Park Lake. We used nets and trays  to sample the water and examined insect life through magnifyers. We found damselflies and dragonfly nymphs living in the water which will turn onto the adults during the summer.  These are one of the six indicator species of Burgess Park.

London Wildlife Trust undertake a survey of lake insect life.
London Wildlife Trust undertake a survey of lake insect life.

Earth Hour at 8:30 pm on Saturday March 25.

Learn more about the stars, night life and light pollution.
Learn more about the stars, night life and light pollution.

View the night sky with Valentine Seymour and Alice Sheppard from University College London. Celebrate “Earth Hour” and measure light pollution. Take part in Citizen Science recording the night sky.


Burgess Park Earth Hour leaflet 

banner for Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour
Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action.

Find out more about Earth Hour.