October 2015 London Wildlife Trust have been commissioned to undertake further work to the New Church Road nature area including clearing undergrowth and creating sightlines into the area.

Main works to consist of:
 Selective scrub reduction and/or coppicing to reduce areas of dense shade
 Selectively felling/thinning of some trees
 Deadwood piles to be created in appropriate areas (unlikely in this tranche of works)

The London Wildlife Trust (LWT) report of the nature area in Burgess Park can be downloaded here: Burgess Park Phase I habitat survey September 2013

The report was commissioned by Burgess Park director John Wade for Southwark Council.

LWT briefed all the Burgess Park Quadron staff  on caring for the nature areas and will also provide a watching brief and initially supervise Quadron staff when they work on the nature areas e.g. Glengall scrub, copses and the Albany Road woodland.

Burgess Park Nature Areas Annual Work Programme

Frogs in Chumleigh pond cBranco Stoysin