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Learn more about the stars, night life and light pollution.
Friends of Burgess Park Events – make a bat box, learn about stars, open air film night








Bat Walk — Saturday, 19 August

Meet at Burgess Park lake bridge at 8 pm. The bat walk will be led by Huma Pearce of ‘Mostly Bats’. She is an ecologist specialising in bats, otters, water vole and dormice. Listen to Huma on Soundcloud and find out more about bats.

Bat Box making workshop — Saturday, 26 August

The bat box making workshop takes place outside/under cover at the wonderful Glengall Wharf Garden. The workshop will be run with a morning and afternoon session. Please book for either.

The bat box workshop session is led by Jenny Morgan with volunteer helpers. Jenny has led a previous workshop making bat boxes for Burgess Park and these are in trees around the lake. Jenny has also helped build many of the structures at Glengall Wharf Garden.

All materials and tools will be provided. Please wear sensible footwear, children will not be allowed to use tools if they are wearing open toed sandals (in case tools get dropped… ouch!).

The cost £10 per family ticket includes drinks (tea/coffee/juice) and a light lunch (salad, bread, cheese). The family ticket covers adults and children to visit the garden, make one bat box and refreshments.

The ticket is £10.00 plus £1.21 Eventbrite booking fee. Total £11.21.

£5.00 of the ticket fee is refundable if you do not want to keep the bat box or make this a donation to FOBP so that we can hold further events for park users and people interested in Burgess Park. If you cancel before the event £10 will be refunded but not the Eventbrite booking fee.

Book tickets for bat box making on Eventbrite

Open Air Film  Wall E — Friday, 8 September

Wall E posterChildren’s workshop 6:45 pm / Film 7:30 pm
The film will be screened on the grass slope facing the lake in Burgess Park.
Please bring your own chair or blanket and whatever you need to stay warm and dry.
Find out more.
FREE / no ticket required

Part of the fantastic Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival

Astronomy Talk — Thursday, 28 September

Learn more about the night sky above Burgess Park.

This is a beginner’s guide to the night sky. The evening will begin with a short talk inside Chumleigh Gardens, followed by practical observations and stargazing.

On the 28 September, with a clear night sky, we should be able to see Saturn and the Summer Triangle. Please bring binoculars if you have them. We will climb the slope in Burgess Park (rear children’s playground) for the stargazing please wear suitable shoes.

Friends of Burgess Park have invited Dr Martin Heath to lead the event. Dr Heath and his co-worker Dr Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute collaborate through the Ecospheres Project to investigate what combinations of stars and planets are most friendly for complex life. https://ecospheresproject.org/

The ticket is £5.00 plus 90p Eventbrite booking fee. Total £5.90.

The £5.00 ticket fee is refundable upon attendance or make this a donation to FOBP so that we can hold further events for park users and people interested in Burgess Park.

Book tickets for the Astronomy Talk and Walk on Eventbrite

Into the Night – The darkness of night is essential for our wildlife and equally important for people. Through “Into the Night” Friends of Burgess Park are exploring the night time. We are holding events about bats, talks about the stars and films about space. In London we have a lot of electric light all the time which means we never really experience real darkness. “Into the Night” will invite people to come into Burgess Park and find out more about the park at night time.

Friends of Burgess Park

Find out more about events in Burgess Park.

Cycle route: Bermondsey to Peckham through Burgess Park

Visualisation of Sumner Road looking towards Trafalgar Avenue
Visualisation of Sumner Road looking towards Trafalgar Avenue

See the plans and submit your comments
before 19 March 2018.

This Quietway (83) will run along Glengall Road, Trafalgar Avenue and Sumner Road as a safe alternative cycling route to the Surrey Canal Path.

Park developmentsBurgess Park developments map

Find out more about developments planned in and around Burgess Park

Burgess Park South

Burgess Park South map

Southwark Council are looking at ways to improve the streets south of Burgess Park, with a view to making the area safer and healthier for all road users.

Workshops to help Southwark design the future look and feel of these streets.

  • Session 1: Tuesday 30 January 6pm
  • Session 2: Tuesday 13 February from 3pm
  • Session 3: Wednesday 21 March from 5.30pm to 8pm

At St Luke’s Church Peckham, Chandler Way, Peckham, London, SE15 6LU.

First session: for residents and road users to tell us what the issues are in these streets.

Second session: Walking tour of the area to look at the some of the issues identified and co-design workshop where residents will work with a specialist street design team to come up with ideas for improving the roads.

Third session:  local people will have a chance to comment on the design proposals and help make further changes.

Further information, or contact highways@southwark.gov.uk, call 020 7525 2347, or write to FREEPOST RSCT-BHXK-SCAJ, Highways Division (Transport Projects) Floor 3, Hub 2, Southwark Council, PO BOX 64529, London, SE1P 5LX.

Revised plans for the Burgess Park Community Sports Centre Jan 2018New sports centre and pitches consultation

Thursday 11 January 2018, 4.00 -7.00pm
at Burgess Park Community Sports Centre, Cobourg Road, SE5 0JD

Southwark Council with match funding from Parklife Funding Partners (The FA, the Premier League and Sport England) are presenting draft design proposals for developing the community sports hub . Who will run the new facility? Will there be more fencing of sports’ fields? Will Cobourg Road and Neate Street be closed? What will the provision be for access to Cobourg School? Will there be through routes for pedestrians and cyclists? What about parking? Will  trees be cut down? Please come along and say what you think about the new plans.  Download a pdf of the latest plans. Email your comments to Southwark by 19 January 2018.

Zeppelin Memorial Artist's ImpressionWWI Centenary Memorial 

A new public art installation is being planned for Burgess Park. Ten small replica houses will be placed close to the site of the 1917 Zeppelin bomb. More details and locations are on the application for planning permission.
Friends of Burgess Park Zeppelin 1917 project.


Burgess Park West closures

New Church Road is being permanently closed from 4 December as part of the Burgess Park West project. Lighting on New Church Road is being switched off as well as the lighting on the pathway that leads from Albany Road to New Church Road. This is for safety reasons as Southwark do not want people to follow a lit route from Albany Road into the park since it is a dead end. Southwark urge you not to travel through the park after dark until the new lit pathway is open. The new Quietway 7 cycle pathway which will cut through the park will be built as an alternative route. It is expected to open in spring 2018.

Two sections of Burgess Park West designated on a mapThe plan shows which areas of the site Southwark intend to close and for how long. Read more about the closures here.

Trees earmarked for removal in Site A (see map) will be felled in the week starting February 5th.

This is the latest stage in the implementation of the Burgess Park Masterplan. More information on the project can be found here: www.southwark.gov.uk/burgessparkwest or contact John Wade (020 7525 0141) or Pippa Krishnan (020 7525 5133).

Consultations on the Burgess Park West new play area will take place on:

Tuesday 28 November 3.30 to 5pm Chumleigh Gardens play area, next to the Park Life café, off Albany Road. If the weather is poor the consultation will be inside the Chumleigh West building, which will be signposted from the play area.

Monday 4th December 6pm to 8pm Southwark Council’s offices 160 Tooley Street, SE1 2QH

Drop by to see the emerging design which has taken into account previous consultation results, and tell the designers your ideas and opinions.

If you cannot attend either session and are still interested in the play area design, please get in touch with Pippa Krishnan pippa.krishnan@southwark.gov.uk

Burgess Park Cafe catering arrangementsBurgess Park Café

A new catering company will be taking over Burgess Park Café.  The café will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, 30 and 31 October 2017. Southwark Council apologise for the inconvenience and thank Prestigious Catering Ltd trading as Park Life Café who will cease operations on Sunday, 29 October 2017. A Fuorvito & Sons will take over on Wednesday, 1 November 2017.

Friends of Burgess Park Meetings

First Tuesday of each month
All welcome from 7-9 pm
Burgess Park Community Sports Centre, 106 Cobourg Road, SE5 0JV.

Bridge to Nowhere history project 

The Bridge to Nowhere heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund involved loads of people to learn more about the history and heritage of Burgess Park. The project included the Wells Way underpass artwork – a reminder of the main feature of the area which lead to the creation of the park – the Grand Surrey Canal. And we have launched the new Burgess Park Heritage Trail. Look out for the blue plaques around the park.

Find out more about the history of the park and
download your own map 

Bridge to Nowhere - long logo