Don’t put Burgess in the shade











Parkhouse Street developments which run alongside Burgess Park

The 10 storey buildings will be 30m high and cast shadows over 100m in the winter.

  • 21-23 Parkhouse: Southwark council’s proposal for 34 apartments + commercial space in 2 blocks of 9 and 5 storeys. Public consultation ended June 2019; not yet considered by planning committee. 19-AP-0469
  • 35-39 Parkhouse: Dolphin Living proposal for 100+ apartments + commercial space in blocks of 7-10 storeys. Public consultation ended 10 Jan 2020. 19-AP-2011
  • 25-33 Parkhouse: Joseph Homes initial proposal for c130 apartments + commercial space in blocks of up to 11 storeys. Planning application expected to be submitted in March 2020
  • Burgess Business Park (‘Camberwell Union’): Peachtree’s proposal for 499 new homes + commercial space in 13 blocks of up to 12 storeys, and 5 storeys beside park. Awaiting decision from Secretary of State after planning inquiry.

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