St George’s War Memorial

2 March 2017. Friends of Burgess Park and the Walworth Society are supporting the application by Historic England to have the World War One war memorial outside St Georges Church listed as having special architectural and historic interest. Some people may be surprised that this wasn’t already done. You can see more information on the bronze sculpture by Danish  Arild Rosenkrantz on our page on St George’s Church on the Friends of Burgess Park Bridge to Nowhere website.

Trafalgar Avenue bridge

22 February 2017. There is still a bridge taking Trafalgar Avenue over the route of the former Grand Surrey Canal. Bridges need inspecting periodically, and when that time came around last year, it proved to be a bigger task than at first envisaged. Find out more about the work in progress and see the original bridge.

 Glengall Wharf Canal Wall – Update

9 February 2017. The only remaining section of the canal bank, which marked the junction of the Camberwell branch (1810) with the Peckham branch (1830), has probably stood in this position for 120-150 years. However, although still absolutely solid, the surface is beginning to crumble and become unsightly. Southwark Council are replacing it with new concrete sections. Find out more about how it is affecting Glengall Wharf Community Garden and see a picture of a sailing barge moored on the site. 

Friends of Burgess Park Bridge to Nowhere history projectBridge to Nowhere

Supported by the The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund


Heritage Trail walk maps available in Burgess Park

Get your copy from the Chumleigh Garden cafe, First Place nursery, tennis centre and sports centre or download and print.

Heritage plaques going-up

Heritage plaques going-up

Over the last year we have been working on our Bridge to Nowhere project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. We have successfully completed this project.  More information on our Bridge to Nowhere website

Fund and games at the walk launch 7 June 2014

Fun and games at the walk launch June 2014

FOBP launch of heritage trail 1 June 2014 press release

End of project report for HLF 2508014 Final

Community Asset application Passmore Edwards library, bath and washhouse

The Friends of Burgess Park community asset listing made to Southwark Council has been approved. FOBP now  wish to work with other groups to retain these Grade II buildings  to be used for activities which contribute to Burgess Park.  We have now set up a new project. 

Paper to Burgess Park Board March 2014

Community Asset application Feb 2014

Press release website February 2014

Southwark Council Listing Decision Feb2014

Museum of London community dig in Burgess Park,

June-July 2010
Check here to hear from the Museum of London archaeologists as they blogged about the finds from the Burgess Park community dig and their follow-up research.