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About the Friends of Burgess Park

Our priorities for 2018

  • Planned improvements to Burgess Park: Camberwell West and the sports facilities
  • Planning applications around the park
  • New art installation on the anniversary of the 1917 Zeppelin raid
  • Repair and future use of the old library bath and washhouse (OLBAW)
  • Programme of community events on wildlife focused on the lake

The Friends of Burgess Park are an association of people and other interested groups who are concerned to protect, promote and enhance an important, inner-city London park.

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We meet regularly and welcome anyone to come along to meetings, read the minutes.


We want the park protected from inappropriate development, inappropriate use and with high regard for protecting the environment and ecology.
We monitor the park boundaries and lobby against development which would reduce the area of the park.
As regular users of the park we observe park management and maintenance, and campaign for best practice.


We aim to encourage appropriate use of and events in the park, to facilitate other park user organisations and to encourage new visitors.


We identify areas of improvement for the park and work to improve this enormous asset for all the community.

Committee members:

Susan Crisp  – Co-ordinater/comms
Nicky Howard –Safeguarding and Burgess Park Board rep
Monica Heeran  –Treasurer
Sam Tilling – Passmore Edwards Project/comms
Andrew Pearson – Heritage
Jon Pickup- Heritage
Sue Amos – Glengall Wharf Garden Food Group
Chas Charrington – Angling
Jenny Morgan – Environment
Catriona Sinclair  – Web/Old Kent Road planning
Chris Henry – Camberwell Fields TRA

Jonathan Taylor

Martin Hethering – Faraday rep 

Rep vacant  – Wells Way Triangle TRA 

Our Constitution: FoBP constitution in Word format or  FoBP constitution in Pdf format

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FOBP signed accounts 2013-14 

FOBP signed accounts 2012-13

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AFOBP annual report AGM 2017

FOBP annual report AGM 2016

FOBP Chair’s annual report AGM 2015

FOBP Chair’s annual report AGM November 2014

Friends of Burgess Park Chair’s Report AGM November 2013

AGM November 2012  in Pdf format



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