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Learn more about the stars, night life and light pollution.
Friends of Burgess Park Events – make a bat box, learn about stars, open air film night








Bat Walk — Saturday, 19 August

Meet at Burgess Park lake bridge at 8 pm. The bat walk will be led by Huma Pearce of ‘Mostly Bats’. She is an ecologist specialising in bats, otters, water vole and dormice. Listen to Huma on Soundcloud and find out more about bats.

Bat Box making workshop — Saturday, 26 August

The bat box making workshop takes place outside/under cover at the wonderful Glengall Wharf Garden. The workshop will be run with a morning and afternoon session. Please book for either.

The bat box workshop session is led by Jenny Morgan with volunteer helpers. Jenny has led a previous workshop making bat boxes for Burgess Park and these are in trees around the lake. Jenny has also helped build many of the structures at Glengall Wharf Garden.

All materials and tools will be provided. Please wear sensible footwear, children will not be allowed to use tools if they are wearing open toed sandals (in case tools get dropped… ouch!).

The cost £10 per family ticket includes drinks (tea/coffee/juice) and a light lunch (salad, bread, cheese). The family ticket covers adults and children to visit the garden, make one bat box and refreshments.

The ticket is £10.00 plus £1.21 Eventbrite booking fee. Total £11.21.

£5.00 of the ticket fee is refundable if you do not want to keep the bat box or make this a donation to FOBP so that we can hold further events for park users and people interested in Burgess Park. If you cancel before the event £10 will be refunded but not the Eventbrite booking fee.

Book tickets for bat box making on Eventbrite

Open Air Film  Wall E — Friday, 8 September

Wall E posterChildren’s workshop 6:45 pm / Film 7:30 pm
The film will be screened on the grass slope facing the lake in Burgess Park.
Please bring your own chair or blanket and whatever you need to stay warm and dry.
Find out more.
FREE / no ticket required

Part of the fantastic Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival

Astronomy Talk — Thursday, 28 September

Learn more about the night sky above Burgess Park.

This is a beginner’s guide to the night sky. The evening will begin with a short talk inside Chumleigh Gardens, followed by practical observations and stargazing.

On the 28 September, with a clear night sky, we should be able to see Saturn and the Summer Triangle. Please bring binoculars if you have them. We will climb the slope in Burgess Park (rear children’s playground) for the stargazing please wear suitable shoes.

Friends of Burgess Park have invited Dr Martin Heath to lead the event. Dr Heath and his co-worker Dr Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute collaborate through the Ecospheres Project to investigate what combinations of stars and planets are most friendly for complex life.

The ticket is £5.00 plus 90p Eventbrite booking fee. Total £5.90.

The £5.00 ticket fee is refundable upon attendance or make this a donation to FOBP so that we can hold further events for park users and people interested in Burgess Park.

Book tickets for the Astronomy Talk and Walk on Eventbrite

Into the Night – The darkness of night is essential for our wildlife and equally important for people. Through “Into the Night” Friends of Burgess Park are exploring the night time. We are holding events about bats, talks about the stars and films about space. In London we have a lot of electric light all the time which means we never really experience real darkness. “Into the Night” will invite people to come into Burgess Park and find out more about the park at night time.

Zeppelin 1917

The story of Burgess Park in WW1

Graphic of Zeppelin over city

Revealing the impact of World War I on people’s lives and society
Southwark News 31 August 2017 story on Zeppelin 1917
Southwark News reports on the FOBP Zeppelin 1917 project

Almost one hundred years ago, on the night of 19th October 1917, a Zeppelin bomb landed in Calmington Road, Southwark. It killed 10 people, injured 24 more, and destroyed a fish and chip shop, a doctor’s surgery, and many homes. The Friends of Burgess Park project “Zeppelin 1917” will uncover the stories of local heroes and piece together the dramatic raid right over what is now Burgess Park.

Jon Pickup and Andrew Pearson, from Friends of Burgess Park are leading the project supported by a successful £9,800 Heritage Lottery Fund award. Jon Pickup said “We’re looking for people to volunteer, get involved and during the summer we’ll be visiting the Imperial War Museum and Southwark Heritage Library to look into archive material about the people who lived in the street.  This is a fantastic opportunity to do some original research and uncover hidden stories. We’re also delighted that Southwark Council are funding an art piece for the park to remember this event.” Sally Hogarth has been appointed as the artist.

The project kicks off over the summer. Volunteers will find out more about the Zeppelin and the lives of ordinary people who took heroic action as part of the war effort. In September, children’s workshops led by Art in the Park will take place at the Creation Trust, Giraffe House.

During October 2017 a festival of events at Theatre Delicatessen, in the Old Library, Wells Way, will showcase the work created by local residents. John Whelan will bring together the historical research with volunteers to tell the story of the raid through an animated walk. Stephen Bourne, local historian, and author of Black Poppies, will talk about the armed services as well as men and women who stayed at home and played a role in the civil defence.

The Zeppelin 2017 festival will feature:

Exhibition – A timeline of the raid and archival display – open Saturdays during October 2017, with opening talk by Zeppelin expert Ian Castle on Saturday 7 October.

Hidden Heroes – Talk by Stephen Bourne, author of Black Poppies, on the black community and the Great War, Saturday 14 October 2017.

Animated Walk – Created by actors using research by local volunteers, to animate the history of WW1 and the Zeppelin Raid on Calmington Road in October 1917, on Saturday 21 October.

Family events –  Drop-in family events including art workshops with Art in the Park, Cuming Museum object handling, stories and rhymes with Vanessa Wolf, Saturday 7 and Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October.

Check here for updates on events and how to get involved

Zeppelin 1917 research and archive events

Session 1:
Tuesday 22nd of Aug. 7-9 PM. Theatre Deli. 
* This will be lead by the head of the Library and Archive at the National Gallery Alan Crookham and  historian/ archivist Jane Ruddell from the Mercers.
* It will be an introduction into archives and how best to use them and where and how to look for history/ archives.
Session 2:
Thursday 31st of Aug. 7-9pm. Theatre Deli. 
* This will be a handling session of historical artefacts from WW1 from the Cuming Collection.
* It will show how artefacts and ephemera are really important resources in animating the past.
* It will also highlight the Southwark collection from WW1.
Session 3:
Saturday 9th of September. 12-2pm. Southwark History Library. 
* This will be lead by Dr Patricia Dark and Lisa Soverall.
* It will look at their extensive document and picture collection around WW1 and the Zeppelin Raid and train participants in how to best use this resource

Funding raised by the National Lottery and awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund




First World War Centenary Project led by the Imperial War Museum logo