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Earth Hour 2017 night sky photograph

Friends of Burgess Park

Find out more about events in Burgess Park.

Earth Hour in Burgess Park – 25 March 2017 | 8:30 pm

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Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action.

The Friends of Burgess Park and researchers from University College London (Extreme Citizen Science Research Group) will be co-hosting a FREE Dark Night Activities event in Burgess Park, London. 

Meet us: 20:00 to 20:30 at the barbecue area south of the lake (near the sports centre). We’ll have the Friends of Burgess Park banner.  More information / sign up here on Eventbrite

Find out more about Earth Hour.

Plans for Cobourg Road and the Sports Centre development

Southwark Council are proposing a major redevelopment of the Community Sports Centre on Cobourg Road. Friends of Burgess Park are concerned that the plan will fence off more of the park, reduce accessibility, cut down mature trees, increase pedestrian/cyclist conflict and cause parking problems. Read the Friends of Burgess Park submission.

Have a look at the Southwark proposal for the Community Sports area and send your comments to The closing date for the consultation was Sunday, 7 August, 2016. Southwark Council are intending to show new plans in May 2017.

Sharing paths in Burgess Park

A new study has just been published about pedestrians sharing paths with cyclists in London. Burgess Park is one of the case studies. The report proposes that cyclists should be slowed down in the park and that the cycling spine should not go through Burgess Park. Read the results of the research.

Burgess Park West consultation meeting

Wednesday, 11 May, 18:30 to 19:30, Old Library, Wells Way, Burgess Park.
Southwark Council will present the latest proposals.
Plans and a survey will also be available online from 9 May to 5 June. More information about the consultation.

Meetings: First Tuesday of each month, at 7pm

All welcome from 7-9 pm, Burgess Park Community Sports Centre, 106 Cobourg Road, SE5 0JV.

Congratulations CK on your MBE!

CK Flash (Michael Pusey), has received an MBE for his services to youth work, which includes the Peckham BMX Club in Burgess Park more

Focus on cycling:

In July FOBP presented a report on cycling in Burgess Park to Councillors who attended the annual Southwark meeting for Southwark Parks’ Friends’ groups.  FOBP cycling in Burgess Park presentation (updated 20 Oct 16)

We invited representatives from the Council as well as from Living Streets and Southwark Cyclists to discuss future plans for cycling in Burgess Park.

FOBP want to see the proposed Southwark Spine cycle route go down Wells Way and for this route to be improved to benefit pedestrians crossing from one side of the park to the other as well as benefiting cyclists who need a safe, high quality cycle route.

Find out FOBP’s view on cycling in Burgess Park.

Southwark Council’s Burgess Park 2015 developments:

The council has agreed £6 million for further enhancement work to Burgess Park. 

Further consultation late April early May 2016.

During summer 2015 the detailed plans for the Camberwell entrance and New Church Road will be consulted on. More details on Revitalisation and our responses to the latest plans for the park including underpass success and the proposed cycling spine route across Burgess Park. The new masterplan for the park will also be presented in the summer and this will respond to the early consultation and identify immediate priorities.

Passmore Edwards Library, wash & bath house

Latest developments on Identifying future use for the buildings on Wells Way to contribute to Burgess Park

Jowett Street park – completed 

New planting, fencing and hedge and tree pruning have enhanced this small pocket park along the Surrey Canal Walk. FOBP raised funds for this from Southwark Council and the Mayor of London pocket parks. A number of events took place including bulb and hedge planting, find out more about the Friends’ Jowett Street park project.

Bridge to Nowhere history project – completed

The Bridge to Nowhere heritage project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund involved loads of people to learn more about the history and heritage of Burgess Park. The project included the Wells Way underpass artwork – a reminder of the main feature of the area which lead to the creation of the park – the Grand Surrey Canal. And we have launched the new Burgess Park Heritage Trail. Look out for the blue plaques around the park.

Find out more about the history of the park and
download your own map 

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